Tough Truths: The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don't Talk About
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Tough Truths: The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don't Talk About

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116 Pages, Paperback
Release date: October 1, 2012

How can you stand out as a great leader?
The answer may surprise you.
We all know the usual leadership lessons...the ones about hard work, playing nice and good time management. They create fine leaders.
But what makes leaders truly great is a whole different story. One that will be revealed to you in the Tough Truths.
The reason the lessons are truths is because they're proven to make people great. The reason they are tough is because they make us uncomfortable...take us out of our comfort zone. In fact, they might make us question everything we thought we knew about this chess game called life.
The good news is when we embrace the Tough Truths we stand out. We do things we never thought possible. We find great success. We make a better future. We live a better life.

About The Author 

Deirdre Maloney is a truth teller who helps people exceed their goals and sleep better at night. She does it through her work as a published author, international speaker, and proud president of her training, facilitation and marketing company Momentum LLC.

Deirdre has used her brand of “mild audacity” to inspire positive change around the world, presenting for organizations like the Boeing, National Association of Women Business Owners, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Vistage International.

Before launching her company and speaking career, Deirdre ran a multi-million dollar organization in Denver, Colorado. She used the many lessons from that experience (and others) in her writings, which have been featured in, and Her books include "The Mission Myth", "Tough Truths" and "Bogus Balance: Your Journey to REAL Work/Life Bliss". Her popular blog is a hit with anyone who likes a direct, authentic style with their morning coffee (or evening wine).


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