Ultimate Reminders For College Students, CL
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Ultimate Reminders For College Students, CL

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From choosing the right major to ditching the wrong roommate, from creating a career path to building a great life, ULTIMATE REMINDERS™ FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS shows you how to maximize your college investment, starting with your most precious asset: yourself.

In addition to the college-readiness quiz, you'll get 369 Ultimate Reminders™ plus ...

* Anatomy of a Winning Game Plan (p. 18) * How to Say No Without Guilt (p. 30) * 10 Things Not to Say to Your Professor (p. 59) * The Tragically Hilarious Story of How I Nearly Flunked Highlights of Astronomy (p. 74)

Some of these reminders are serious (#33), some of them are funny (#283), and some of them are random yet relevant--and laugh-out-loud funny (#340). All of them are meant to show you up front what you'll wish you had known from the start.


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