Virgil's Cow
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Virgil's Cow

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Poetry. Twenty years in the making, VIRGIL'S COW is the debut collection by apocalyptic American poet and former hardcore vocalist Frederick Farryl Goodwin, whose poetry has been described as a "strange mix of Grand Guignol and lyricism ... a potent brew of fractured pastoral and seedy cityscapes, fragile confessionalism and Shakespearean film noir ... The workings of some Spicerian angel ... teetering on the brink of some ghastly void" (Signal to Noise Magazine). Improbably fusing the best of what tradition has to offer this "Oxbridge" educated poet with attention to recombinatory energies, VIRGIL'S COW presents a luminous voice for today's brave new linguistic world of "hybridized" possibility. "There is a genuine trance-vibe in Frederick Farryl Goodwin's voice. As if he's standing upon a suburban rooftop with a blue ribbon tied to his pinkie holding it in the air, eyes closed, divining the sounds and characters of mytho-loves past and future. His lines are alive, they must be, his breath so desires it. They delight in simple flux with fonts not afraid of sex. Frederick is a beautiful poet, authentic and undone, loving the page only to whisper in your year while clutching noise cassettes to his heart"--Thurston Moore, co-founder, Sonic Youth.


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