Waking Slow
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Waking Slow

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Set between Boston and a bucolic Greek island village, Waking Slow traces an emotional, psychological, and spiritual quest for identity and understanding. After having been sexually assaulted, Irinie "Rinie" Pothos—whose first name means "peace" and last name means "hunger"— craves strength, independence, and clarity. Refusing to wait passively for those states of being, like water, Rinie transforms. In her journey, we discover the volatility of a fragile mind that has been shattered by violence and fear. Waking Slow is indeed a tale of lost innocence. Yet, as Rinie explores her magical and mythic heritage, she slowly regains that innocence—along with a newfound resolve and perspective. Her story captures the feelings of desperately wanting to belong. It painfully, yet honestly depicts the unwarranted shame and distrust inherited by the people who have endured these experiences when they dare to seek joy and pleasure again. The redemptive power of Waking Slow will surprise you.


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