Warriors Forever, PPB
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Warriors Forever, PPB

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Warriors Forever
is a true story illustrating what is possible when individuals and communities are united in vision, hope, and strength to accomplish worthwhile goals. Warriors Forever is storytelling at its best: a timeless and timely story from an era when high school basketball was the talk of the town and the social event of the week, It is ‘the story of what is best in us and what is worst in us in Everycity, USA’: how we are divided, and how a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon can bring us together , at least for a moment, and erase our differences.


Good people doing good deeds for a life time

"HOOSIERESQUE...LOMBARDI-LIKE...Good people doing good deeds for a life time. This true story can bring you to your knees as well as tears of joy and heartfelt emotions. For those that have led or plan to lead, there is so much to learn. Amazing people...Alice and coach Alex Saudargas."
Curt Weber
Menomonie, WI

Rockford, Coach, community and West High were ahead of its time. A must read to learn why.
"West High of Rockford won back to back Illinois HS Basketball championships in ‘55 and ‘56 with a very diverse team - when players and coaches didn’t weigh or see color or economic differences. Team sports can eliminate those barriers. Every school needs them, but more importantly, quality coaches and teachers too for they are at the center of positive influence and change. It’s a reminder to support, reward and recognize today’s teachers for their contributions now more than ever.

Following the read, I was left asking why and how has society changed since this golden era. I was also compelled to ask am I helping my fellow man, neighbor, community and country move forward or backward?

I work for a Fortune 100 company. While 1955 was the “good ole days” ironically 2017 corporate America continues to wrestle with leading a workforce to fully understand diversity, inclusion, biases, dignity and respect. The Warriors of West High yesteryear looked beyond those same complexities, established a goal and accomplished a dream that would last a lifetime. Well done!"


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