Ways of Walking: Essays
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Ways of Walking: Essays

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By Ann de Forest
Paperback, 264 Pages
Release Date: 05/12/2022

Is walking a subversive act?
For the authors of WAYS OF WALKING, it can be. Some walk across forbidden lines, violating laws to seek freedom. Some walk to bear witness to social injustice.
Still others engage in a subtler subversion, violating the social norm of rapid, powered transportation to notice what fast travelers miss.
WAYS OF WALKING brings together 26 writers who reflect on walks they have taken and what they have discovered along the way.
Through walking, these authors become more attuned to the places they move across, more attentive to intricate ecologies and layered histories, and more connected to themselves as well.

Their small steps of rebellion lead to unexpected discoveries.

About the Author
A California native living and writing in fairly happy exile in Philadelphia for more than three decades, Ann de Forest writes about the urban landscape and the resonance of place. She is a contributing writer for HIDDEN CITY DAILY and editor of EXTANT MAGAZINE. Her poems, short stories, and essays have appeared in COAL HILL REVIEW, NOCTUA REVIEW, UNBROKEN, HOTEL AMERIKA, THE JOURNAL, PIF, CLEAVER MAGAZINE, and THE BEST SHORT STORIES OF PHILADELPHIA.


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