When Divorce Is Right, Cl
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When Divorce Is Right, Cl

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For nearly 40 years Bruce Sofia has helped struggling couples find hope through broken dreams and crumbling marriages. With grace and grit, Dr. Sofia tackles such pivotal topics as biblical reasons for divorce, dating while in the midst of a divorce, responding to sexual infidelity, the actual biblical command to divorce, and remaining in ministry. Cutting through common controversies with keen sense and clarity, Dr. Sofia opens wide the very vulnerable heart of God, and leaves no doubt as to ‘when divorce is right’. It may seem like a tired or worn-out subject; after all, about half of all modern marriages end in divorce. However, despite its commonality, divorce still carries a stigma. Perhaps some couples merely give up on their relationship while others exhaust all options, hoping to find a bandage big enough to fix their marriage. In When Divorce is Right, author J. Bruce Sofia explores the instances when divorce is the right path, even for those who may have previously believed divorce is always wrong. Says celebrity stylist and motivational speaker Martino Cartier, “When Divorce is Right is empowering without being judgmental.” J. Bruce Sofia isn’t afraid to address this matter head on. With a realistic, biblical, and compassionate posture, people who are or may be divorcing are never treated as failures. Instead, there may be victims, but there are also clear winners. Says Grammy award winner Michael English, “This book can help many people facing this challenge as well as the process of remarrying and dealing with the spiritual aspect of it all.” Dr. Sofia removes the stigma of divorce, and reveals it for what it really is: a spiritual process, one that recognizes the value of living an abundant life rather than clinging to something that’s broken.


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