Your Little Red Wagon, Cl
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Your Little Red Wagon, Cl

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There s something almost magical about an old Radio Flyer wagon, isn t there? It conjures up all kinds of images and memories. The sight of one stirs my emotions and takes me back to my childhood. You may or may not have had a wagon, but you at least knew someone who did. I have another little red wagon, and so do you. An imaginary one. You and I started piling stuff into this imaginary wagon so early in life that we can hardly remember the first things that went into them. But somewhere along the way, we discovered tragedy, pain, disappointment, and disillusionment. Those, too, went into the wagon. What if we could let go of the wagon, drop the handle and not worry about it anymore? No more shame. No more lies. No more hiding. What if you no longer had to worry about the good stuff covering the bad stuff because neither matters? If you re looking for that kind of freedom, I want you to know that it can be found in these pages. Proceed without caution.


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