Cheeky and Charlemagne and The Great Sabotage
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Cheeky and Charlemagne and The Great Sabotage

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Paperback, 160 Pages
Release Date: 07/14/2021

Cheeky and Charlemagne and The Great Sabotage
 is the sequel to Cheeky and Charlemagne, it is the second book in the series.

Cheeky, a fun loving river otter, and Charlemagne, a persnickety pine marten, are back again to play their part in The Great Sabotage to rid the North Country from the treacherous trappers. The Great Protector, a white She Wolf, has called the woodland folk together, from the smallest mouse to the largest moose, to plot a fail-safe plan that will end the siege of the trappers once and for all.

Join Cheeky, Charlemagne, and all the forest critters as they develop a cunning plan using all of their animal antics as they dodge whizzing poison darts, escape deadly steel cages, and wreak havoc on the trappers’ campgrounds.

Will The Great Sabotage bring peace to the North Country again?

Author Donna Seim is the award-winning author of three children’s picture books and three middle grade readers. Bella and Jingles is the story of a young girl who rescues a baby polar bear in Alaska. Where is Simon, Sandy? is set on the island of Grand Turk. It is the story of a little donkey that wouldn’t quit. Satchi and Little Star is the story of an island girl who tries to catch and tame a wild horse. Cheeky and Charlemagne is a North Country adventure with two furry friends, who save their friends from the trappers. Hurricane Mia is an adventure story of a young girl who sets out to find the tea that cures everything. Charley, set in 1910, is based on a true story of a streetwise city boy from Boston who, after being abandoned, finds himself taken in by a dairy farming family in rural Maine. Charley was adapted as a play and performed both in Massachusetts and Maine. Donna is a graduate from The Ohio State University with a BSSW in the field of social welfare. She holds a MA in Special Education from Lesley University. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. Donna lives in Newbury, Massachusetts, with her husband, Martin, and her dog, Charlie. You can see more of her work at

Artist Susan Spellman, pursues a dual career as a fine artist and as an illustrator with extensive experience in painting, portraiture, and children’s book illustration.
Her fine art work can be viewed at:
She has illustrated six previous titles by Donna Seim.


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