HSAs: The Tax-Perfect Retirement Account, PPB
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HSAs: The Tax-Perfect Retirement Account, PPB

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William G. (Bill) Stuart is one of the nation’s leading experts on Health Savings Accounts. Combining experience with an insurer and an HSA provider, he’s uniquely positioned to help you and your clients navigate the intersection of HSAs, Medicare, and retirement planning. Whether you’re a current or prospective HSA owner . . . a financial, investment, or retirement advisor . . . a benefits advisor . . . or a human resources professional, this book is a must have addition to your library. And the information that it contains is invaluable to your financial future. The author lays out the opportunity that HSAs provide to maximize medical equity in retirement. You can save for retirement medical expenses in a traditional retirement account, but you won’t maximize your spending power unless those funds are in a tax-perfect HSA.


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