Lovable: How Women Can Heal Their Sensitive Hearts and Live and Love As Their True Selves
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Lovable: How Women Can Heal Their Sensitive Hearts and Live and Love As Their True Selves

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By Andrea Paquette, MSN, APRN
Paperback, 160 Pages
Release Date: 04/04/2022  

Do you often feel nervous, irritable or stressed? Have you suffered with chronic anxiety or depression? Maybe you have difficulty feeling comfortable around most people or secure in your relationships. You might even believe deep down that you are not worthy of love and belonging. You are not alone. Women who feel this way will relate to the compelling personal and client stories in Lovable. These stories illustrate the unseen emotional wounding experienced by young girls and the lifetime of emotional distress it causes for them as adult women. Lovable gives you unique holistic healing strategies for these chronic emotional health issues. You will feel empowered and supported on your journey to truly healing these wounds.

Lovable is for women who feel as though they are playing a role in life rather than living as their authentic selves. Most likely they were raised by emotionally immature, detached or unpredictable parents resulting in stunted development of their true identity. These women are unaware that this is the underlying cause of their limiting beliefs about their worthiness of love and attention.

The first third of this book illustrates childhood emotional neglect through personal and client stories. The second third illustrates the resulting maladaptive coping strategies developed in adulthood. The last third of the book is dedicated to healing these wounds. It provides a holistic healing plan with well-researched psychological and spiritual healing practices. These include simple mind/body therapies, emotional healing techniques and self-love practices to use daily. Lovable is a guidebook for helping women learn to live and love as their true selves.

Discover types of childhood hidden wounds:
• Forgotten Child
• Highly Sensitive Child
• Lost Child
• Lonely Child

How these wounds affect your adult life:
• Boundaries with family
• Discontent at work
• Unsatisfied in relationships

Andrea Paquette, MSN, APRN, is board certified as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a Holistic Nurse Practitioner. She specializes in natural treatments for emotional and mental health issues in women, adolescents, and children. Her private practice is located in Londonderry, NH. While treating children in her private practice, she recognized the need among mothers for new strategies to cope with chronic stress, low energy, and feeling disempowered. In 2018, Andrea completed training as a Life Coach and began coaching and teaching women to express their authentic selves, use their talents in the world, and create a life they love. Her coaching business is Woman to Woman Life Coaching. Andrea also has extensive experience teaching and speaking about personal development, spiritual growth, parenting, and child emotional health. With over thirty years of experience in the healthcare field, Andrea's mission is to support people on their journey to vibrant physical and emotional health, happiness, and fulfillment in life. Andrea lives in Manchester, NH, has two grown children she adores, is a devoted yoga student and an ocean and food lover.


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