Revival: A Folk Music Novel, PPB
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Revival: A Folk Music Novel, PPB

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Paperback, 328 Pages
Release Date: 09/01/2011

Revival is a novel similar to Crazy Heart and A Star is Born that celebrates America's renewed passion for folk music and singer-songwriters as well as a May-December romance with a young female songwriter and older male songwriter. Set in bars, coffeehouses, open mics and recording studios-author was a regular on A Prairie Home Companion and reviews folk music for the Boston Globe.
Catie Curtis says, "The characters are so believable you want to go hear them in concert".

Praise for Revival
Talented, respected folksinger and songwriter Nathan Warren was well on the way to stardom when a contract dispute reversed his trajectory and with it any notions of commercial success. He now lives quietly in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spending his time at a local bar and folksinger hangout, Dooley’s, managing its talent night and nursing pints of root beer. There he meets very young, very talented musician Kit Palmer, whose debilitating stage fright threatens to railroad her career. As their relationship develops, Nathan works to support Kit, acting as mentor and eventually lover, encouraging her to conquer her nerves. Kit in turn brings a long-lost joy back into Nathan’s life, reminding him of his early days and his deep love for folk music and inspiring him to recapture his zest for music and living. Revival is a quiet, contemplative novel that, though at times slow moving, succinctly examines people reexamining themselves and finding the courage to move forward. It is also a fascinating introduction to folk music and a joyous celebration of folk musicians and their world. (Carol Gladstein Booklist, 07/22/11)

Winner, IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for Popular Fiction

There has never been a novel like this, a love story set in the subterranean world of modern folk music. Talented, charismatic songwriter Nathan Warren lost his chance at stardom years ago, and now sees his life as waste and ruin. Kit Palmer is young, beautiful, and explosively gifted, but her dreams are also doomed unless she can keep from falling apart on stage. They travel the Boston folk scene as lovers and artists, through basement clubs and funky jam sessions, rowdy open mikes and sprawling festivals, seeking stardom for one and redemption for the other.


"You don’t need to know anything about folk music… to feel that you are part of what’s happening—and to love the story and characters. Truly an outstanding first novel." —Matt Smith, manager, Club Passim

"A terrific, cathartic, hard-to-put-down read." - Mark Moss, Editor, Sing Out! The Folk Music Magazine

"Wow… a moving story set in the modern trenches of the urban folk music world… where tradition meets ambition and sometimes spawns lasting art... beautifully painted… I recommend it very highly." -Tom Paxton, songwriter, author

"The finest folk writer in the country."— Dar Williams, songwriter

"I didn’t read this book, I devoured it . . . thrilled to see that each character was masterfully developed, with the subtlety and complexity that real people deserve . . . parts of this book are very funny. . . . When I travel around the folk world today, I am constantly reminded of characters I met in Revival. . . . For those outside the community, it’s as good an introduction as I’ve ever seen."— Don White, songwriter, humorist, author

"If I wanted to make someone understand why folk music has been my own greatest passion, I’d be likely to hand them a copy of Revival. . . . Readers who love listening to folk music . . . will enjoy how the story pulls them into that fascinating world. Those of us already immersed in that world will . . . be inspired by Scott’s eloquent description of why folk music moves his characters—and him, and us—so deeply." —Bob Blackman, host of “The Folk Tradition,” WKAR Radio, E. Lansing, MI

"Scott Alarik has done such a masterful job capturing the New England folk scene that, months after finishing the book, I still find myself wondering about the fate of the characters. Revival is a highly entertaining and informative glimpse into the inner workings of the business of folk music. I highly recommend it." —Alison Brown, Grammy-winning musician and Compass Records founder

"Compelling . . . broad appeal . . . a behind the scenes look at the musician’s life and work from someone as knowledgeable as anyone about the modern folk world . . . Alarik is the PERFECT person to write this book. . . . I have a strong feeling that many, many artists would get behind this book, and that many, many of their fans would as well." —David Tamulevich, music manager-agent, The Roots Agency

"Revival captures the heart of the singer/songwriter scene with this story of love, ambition, and artistic integrity. The characters are so believable that you want to go hear them in concert after reading the book. Clearly written by someone in the know, Revival allows the good, the bad and the ugly elements of the folksinger’s experience to be witnessed without glossing over anything." —Catie Curtis, singer-songwriter

From the moment I picked up Revival, I couldn't put it down. I relished every page and didn't want the narrative to end. It's a beautifully told and totally believable love story wrapped around the inner workings of the Folk Music business. From the open mikes of Cambridge, MA , to the soul-crushing machine behind the popular folk song on the radio, it's all in there. Scott knows the main streets and back roads of the folk musician's journey better than almost anyone, he's lived it, watched it, and reported on it his whole life. I highly recommend this book, it's a great read. - Mary Gauthier, singer-songwriter

"A terrific read for anyone who likes a good story and an essential read for anyone who cares about or wants to understand today’s folk music scene." -- Mike Regenstreif, Folk Roots/Folk Branches


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