Eleventh Grade Stress, PPB
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Eleventh Grade Stress, PPB

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As they pass the halfway point in their high school journey, life begins to get more serious for the four classmates in Eleventh Grade Stress. - Luke continues to wrestle with math and the standardized state tests. He takes refuge in his work on the yearbook and his solitary fishing trips. The hostility of his girlfriend’s father abruptly ends the most rewarding relationship of his life. - Elly is getting along better than ever with her parents because she is dating the star quarterback for the school’s football team. But her folks don’t seem to care about the secret damage that this relationship is doing to Elly.- Marcus still loves basketball, but history classes are beginning to open his eyes to life beyond the court. His planned campus visit to the nearby state university leads his father have “the talk” with him. - Mia is still on track to graduate first in her class and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, but her home life is troubled. Her parents finally reach a breaking point.


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