Giraffes in My Closet
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Giraffes in My Closet

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Hardback, 44 Pages
Release Date:
November 16, 2021

Giraffes in My Closet
 tells the tale of three giraffes who find their home in a closet when an unsuspecting boy accidentally leaves his closet door open one night. That night, Mildred, Seth and Emily sneak inside and take up residence in his closet. And once inside, the boy discovers that these gentle giants who often feel awkward and are really quite shy, quickly become comfortable in their new home, their new hiding place, and are almost impossible to get out.

Debra Young Hatch, a journalist by education and profession, has spent 15 years writing stories about children, their families and their health struggles for Driscoll Children's Hospital in South Texas. Now, through For Kids' Sake Publishing, she has found a way to use that experience, those writing skills and a deep caring for kids to share their stories and simultaneously provide financial benefits for children. Debra lives in Corpus Christi, Texas with her husband and her three assistants, Spring, Lizzie and Teensie.


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