Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san! Vol. 2
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Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san! Vol. 2

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By Kazutomo Ichitomo, Translated by Andrew Hodgson

Ever since the metamorphosis incident, Yugami-kun has begun looking at Ryugasaki-san in a very different way... Strange feelings have begun stirring in his chest.

He thought the only thing he loved about her was her skin, but what if... just what if... there's more to it than that?

Thus continues the daily hijinks of a lizardgirl and the oddball she pines for! Ryugasaki-san hasn't given up on pursuing the boy she loves, and Yugami-kun may well be taking notice.

Can love bloom between an increasingly eccentric reptilian girl and the woefully degenerate boy who's obsessed with her cast-off skin? Only time will tell!

Kazutomo Ichitomo is a manga artist with multiple series in publication in Japan, and is the creator of "Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san!"

Andrew Hodgson is a translator of Japanese media with over five years of experience in the industry. Has worked on games, manga, art books, and novels.


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