Cocodrie, eBook: MOBI for Kindle devices
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Product ID : 9780997345131

Cocodrie, eBook: MOBI for Kindle devices

Price: $4.99


A young kit raccoon named Cocodrie can't swim and is terribly afraid of the river running past his cottonwoods home. When evil poachers suddenly appear and start capturing all the riverbank animals, their gunshots startle Cocodrie. He jumps away from his mother and lands on a riverbank log only to be taken downriver on a scary adventure. The river eventually turns into a bayou, where he meets a friendly pelican, alligator, and green water snake. They teach him how to swim and guide him back to his cottonwoods home, where Cocodrie rescues all the riverbank animals from the evil poachers and reunites with his mother.


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