Love You Back Grandma
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Love You Back Grandma

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By Umesh Shukla
Paperback, 36 Pages 
Release Date: March 12, 2024

A little girl reminisces with her grandma about the times they have shared. She recalls how her grandma has always been there for her, and all of the fun times they have had. Their bond is strong, and as the grandma grows older the grand-daughter's love shines brighter than ever, comforting the grandma in her hour of need

About the Author
A storyteller at heart, Umesh Shukla has spent the last 20 years as an award winning animation director, special effects supervisor, graphic designer and entrepreneur. He is a founder and chief creative officer of a venture-backed endeavor Auryn Inc, a leading publisher of apps for children, on iPad. While creating the next generation in story telling experiences, Umesh has alwyas managed to find time to tell stories that he thinks need to be told. Love You Back! recognizes one such need and is designed to provide comfort, reassurance and a sense of completion to older generations who might wonder if their lives were well lived, as they look back at the past.


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