The Birds And The Frogs
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The Birds And The Frogs

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Though uplifting rhymes and profound messages of acceptance, respect and understanding, The Birds and the Frogs, author Brian D. McClure educates and entertains children, parents and grandparents by providing and suggesting ways to denounce “bulling” .

“I’m smarter than you, because you’re just a frog, why in the hierarchy of animals, you’re really a clog!”

“I’m sorry,” the frogs said in reply, “I’m sure I’d be smarter if I could only fly.”

This conversation was the same in each new day and after a time, all the frogs believed that they didn’t belong. It was not until a young group of tadpoles teach the birds and frogs a higher truth, that they are able to change their false beliefs, and learn to honor and respect one another.

The Birds and the Frogs like the other seven books in The Brian D. McClure Children’s book series offer universal life lessons that empower, teach and educate the whole family.


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