The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey
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Product ID : 9781955119214

The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey

Price: $10.95


Illustrated by KATYA ROYZ
Paperback, 40 Pages 
Release Date: 12, June 2022

Product Decription

A Star of David or a rosary?

In 1939 Poland, a young Jewish girl must reject one of these and accept the other without understanding why. As the situation becomes worse for Jews in Poland, the girl's mother is forced to make a heartbreaking sacrifice to keep her daughter safe. Graciously taken in by nuns to protect her, Lalka learns to play a “game” that may one day save her life. But what happens when the Nazi’s come?

This beautifully illustrated picture book is based loosely on a true story of a mother who saves her daughter’s life by sending her to a convent during the Holocaust. It teaches compassion and love, but also provides a story through the eyes of a young child, so that we may continue to share the stories of what can happen when hatred wins.


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