Ultimate Reminders For Everyday Life, CL
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Ultimate Reminders For Everyday Life, CL

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ULTIMATE REMINDERS™ FOR EVERYDAY LIFE began when author Gina DeLapa decided to record a few words of wisdom for her nephew as he headed off to high school. Soon the collection of notes in a journal became a book to be enjoyed by all ages: from precocious middle schoolers to hard-working parents to savvy grandparents. 

Part pep talk, part reflection, part friendly kick in the rear, Ultimate Reminders™ for Everyday Life gives you 437 ways to make your life more meaningful and fun--from setting boundaries (#332) to relating to people half your age (#369). No matter what your season of life--growth, gratitude, grieving, or giving back--these 437 reminders and their accompanying stories will bring you comfort, confirmation, inspiration, and a healthy dose of laughter. Makes the perfect gift!

Gina DeLapa is America's Ultimate Reminders™ Coach. Her wise and witty reminders ("If you don't like someone, don't go camping with them") will make you laugh, stir your soul, and inspire your best.


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