Different Roots, Common Dreams: New Hampshire's Cultural Diversity (Hardcover)
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Different Roots, Common Dreams: New Hampshire's Cultural Diversity (Hardcover)

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For the past three years, photographer Becky Field has been welcomed into the lives of New Hampshire’s immigrants and refugees. Her photographs, along with essays written by New Hampshire’s immigrants, show that while we are different in many ways, we all have the same dreams to have safe homes, jobs to support our families, strong futures for our children, and freedom to practice our cultural and religious traditions.

Praise for “Different Roots, Common Dreams”:

Becky Field’s work gives us an opportunity to embrace all who make up the fabric of New Hampshire.  When we strip away the classifications of race, ethnicity, religion and other factors, we learn that we are all the same…we share the same hopes, dreams, desires and fears. It’s nice to be able to celebrate the state’s growing diversity in this way.

  • Amy Marchildon, Director, Services for New Americans, Ascentria Care Alliance, Concord, NH 

This project is wonderful for the community to know about our new neighbors and whey they are very important for the growth of our community, now and in the future.

  • Honore Murenzi, Executive Director, New American Africans, Concord, NH

“In this period of time, where ethnic and racial diversity is becoming a reality in NH, this picture book tells stories and celebrates the beauty of the cultural diversity of newcomers in the state. The photos in this book tell stories and teach about diversity, they are also a lesson that the strength come in those differences, especially within families and communities that shine through. Moreover, these photos feature people of different ethnicities who experienced intolerance, but grow through the discovery of their own customs, strengths and appreciations of other differences. This book really helps promote tolerance and understanding of cultural diversity through situations with which people can identify. Great work done by Becky Field”.  

  • Amadou Hamady Sy, Director, International Institute of New England, Manchester, NH

Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) is pleased to endorse this important book project initiated by Becky Field. This book is useful in many ways. First, it raises awareness about the strength and vitality of ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in New Hampshire. Second, the book highlights various cultural aspects of New Americans which have added beauty and value to the state. Third, it presents a positive perspective on the lives and contributions of foreign-born residents in the Granite State. Forth, it helps in educating the general public about New Americans’ journeys to New Hampshire. We wish her every success in her noble project.

  • Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire

The compelling body of work that Becky Field has created of recent New Hampshire immigrants speaks to photography’s power to reveal the complexity and drama of the human condition. Ms. Field’s extraordinary compassion and dedication to this topic reminds me of the heroic work of Lewis W. Hines a century ago documenting the immigrants arriving at Ellis Island ready to start a new life in America. In this beautifully edited and sequenced book, we celebrate the circle of life: weddings, children, religious ceremonies, death and everything in between are captured in Becky Field’s fresh vision of the immigrant experience in New Hampshire.

  • Gary Samson, Chair, Photography Department, NH Institute of Art


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