Words, Wonder, and the Divine in You
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Words, Wonder, and the Divine in You

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Written by Deborah Roof
Paperback, 120 Pages
Release Date: 11/01/2023 

Deborah Roof, a queer Christian pastor, shares her experience, strength and hope and invites the reader to take their own spiritual journey. Exemplifying her authentic gift of hospitality Roof shares the truth she has come to know: divinity dwells within each one of us. She finds God in the wonder of the created world and in the scriptures she has come to love.

No stranger to loss and life’s surprises, Deborah Roof, recognizes the truth of her identity as a same-gender-loving woman and is as surprised as everyone else. She recounts her journey from complete despair to a vision of the loving luminous web of God in a room full of strangers. God’s love for her, as well as her authentic identity, became undeniable.

As much as Roof loves a God-by-whatever-name-resonates-for-you, she also loves Christian scripture and works to find redemption even in the verses used as weapons. Roof invites us to take a close look at the words we use and the meaning we intend.

“Words, Wonder, and the Divine in You” is a journey and an invitation. Deborah Roof’s generosity of spirit and openness about her truths encourages and supports others to look closely at their own journey, to be open to the Divine that surrounds us – and especially to the Divine within each of us.

This little book of wonders is for anyone who has been hurt by toxic religious institutions or for anyone who wonders if there’s more to this human life – more wonder, more wisdom, more love.

About the Author
Deborah Roof is an enthusiastic life-long learner and a passionate teacher. She is an ordained minister in the United Church of Church with a Master of Divinity Degree from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from the Chicago Theological Seminary. Deborah is fluent in French, holds a Master’s Degree in French Literature, and taught French for over 20 years. Intrigued by ancient archetypal wisdom, Deborah studied and became a Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator. Deborah and her wife, Liz, have four adult daughters, four spouses and four grandchildren.


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