Brothers , ppb
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Brothers , ppb

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A family saga set in Pennsylvania’s 19th century iron industry, Brothers puts Laird MacPhail, son of the slain iron master at Etna Furnace, in contrast with his brothers, Robert and John. Laird’s purpose is to protect and preserve the legacy left when his father, Adam MacPhail was murdered on Laird’s wedding day. Aware that neither of his brothers will take on the business, Laird puts away his dreams and gets to work. Robert -- handsome, charming, and unreliable -- and John -- idealistic, dedicated and solitary – contrast with Laird’s stolid, hardworking ways. Taken together, the MacPhail brothers make the consummate man. Taken one at a time, they struggle within themselves as the Civil War looms on the horizon portending suffering not yet imagined. Central to their world is the question of who killed their father. Suspicion centers on Jude Trethaway, son of Adam’s old enemy. But there is no proof of Jude’s guilt and it soon becomes apparent that he will get away with murder.


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