Finding the Right Job: A Guide for Doctors
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Product ID : 9780982011133

Finding the Right Job: A Guide for Doctors

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Author: Kirsten Evans MD PhD

Sixty seven percent physicians about to complete their residency and fellowship training programs will leave their first job within two years. Just when they thought they were finishing the long path to their future and settling down, they often must uproot themselves and start again! This book is a guide, intended to prevent poor choices and common mistakes. Most resident physicians are ill-prepared for the job choices awaiting them, and the few guides that exist focus on starting their own practice. Yet, in today's medical environment, most will choose to be employed by or join an existing institution. This book is a must read for those doctors beginning their careers, as well as many now contemplating job changes. It provides a wealth of practical information about what to consider when selecting that new position.


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