Retirement Heaven or Hell: 9 Principles for Designing Your Ideal Post-Career Lifestyle
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Retirement Heaven or Hell: 9 Principles for Designing Your Ideal Post-Career Lifestyle

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304 Pages, Paperback
Release Date: 01/12/2021 *This title will ship on its release date

You’ve dreamed of retirement for decades, even worked hard to save for it. But what will your life look like when you stop working?

Are you overwhelmed and scared by the prospect of retirement? Maybe traditional full-stop retirement isn’t for you, or you have no idea what kind of lifestyle you want. Running out of money is also a huge worry, and even the best financial plan will fail without lifestyle planning. Without a clear vision for your life after work, you’re doomed to Retirement Hell.

This book goes beyond the numbers to help you design your version of Retirement Heaven, the post-career life that’s right for youa special period in your life when you can reconnect with yourself, those you love, and your passions; and live with more balance and purpose than ever before.

It outlines nine key principles for a happy, healthy, fulfilling retirement, and coaches you on how to transition successfully to retirement and eliminate the stress that comes with this huge life change. Retirement Heaven or Hell helps you overcome the shock of sudden full-stop retirement and put purpose back into your life as it guides you step-by-step through the lifestyle design process to create the retirement that works for you.

“A terrific book on a critical topic: your life in retirement. Which, as I well know, can be God awful or terrific, depending on you. Mike Drak is original, tough, and smart. A great guide that cuts through a lot of nonsense and misunderstandings.”
—Chris CrowleyNew York Times Best-selling Author of the Younger Next Year books

“The topic of Mike’s book is a really overlooked part of retirement planning. Financial independence in retirement is important, but money cannot buy happiness. The math part of retirement is meaningless without addressing the emotional, psychological, and spiritual parts of it. Retirement Heaven or Hell is a refreshing read for retirees and aspiring retirees who are striving for a fulfilling retirement.
—Jason Heath, CFP, Fee-only/Advice-only Financial Planner, Objective Financial Partners 

“Retirement should be a long, happy phase of life, and this book tells you how you can make it that way. It’s not only filled with wisdom and inspiration, it’s also an easy read, and intensely practical, in a way that anyone can implement. This is a book you’ll keep on your desk, not on your bookshelf.”
—Don Ezra, Author of Life Two and Retirement Blogger

“An important step toward enjoying a satisfying retirement is reading Retirement Heaven or Hell. This is a powerful blend of first-rate guidance and key questions to ask yourself to get the most out of this stage of life.”
—Bob Lowry, Founder of Satisfying Retirement,

“If you dream of early retirement or financial freedom, this book is for you. If you are nearing retirement but not sure how you will spend your time without work, this book is for you. If you are retired but getting bored and wondering if you should make a change, this book is for you. Following the advice in this book may add years to your life. More importantly it will add life to your years. Remember, ‘There is no finish line.’ Enjoy.”
—Wealthy Doc, Physician Finance Blogger, WealthyDoc.Org

“Everyone needs to formulate their own retirement vision. This book tells you why this is so critically important and shows you how to create and follow the path you wish to take.”
Daryl Diamond, Author of the Best-seller Your Retirement Income Blueprint and Retirement for the Record

Michael Drak
is a forty-year veteran of the financial services industry and lives with his wife in Toronto. He started his Victory Lap Retirement in 2014 and is busy helping others transition into their own personal versions. In addition to mentoring others, he gives speeches and seminars to groups across the country and cultivates the Victory Lap community at

Susan Williams
is founder of Booming Encore (, a digital media hub dedicated to providing information and inspiration to help baby boomers create and live their best life. Prior to launching Booming Encore in 2013, Susan spent 28 years in senior leadership positions in a number of corporations. Today, Booming Encore is ranked as a global authority and social media influencer for baby boomers, aging and retirement as well as being one of the top websites for baby boomers worldwide. Married and living in Montreal, Susan loves to discover ways to live life to the fullest and shares her experiences, observations and opinions as she lives her own best booming encore.

Robert E. Morrison, CFP,
is Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Savant Wealth Management in Lincolnshire, Illinois. A wealth advisor for nearly twenty years, Rob is passionate about helping clients navigate the changing retirement landscape and has coached many through their Victory Lap transitions. He has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal Online and appears regularly in the financial media, including


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