Under The Small Lights, ppb
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Under The Small Lights, ppb

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Jack wants Corinna, Star wants Jack, Paul wants money, Jack and Bill want immortality. On a freezing January day Jack and Bill construct elaborate theatricals on the shores of Walden Pond. In burning July, Jack attempts to insinuate himself into the life Corinna’s picked with another man, the moneyed town and overgrown garden she was born to, the wealthy poet next door, and the distant world of artistic success. Fireworks misfire. A summer party and a winter confrontation heat into harsh words, violence. Long-held secrets are revealed. Under the Small Lights is a lyrical take on the lives of lost 20-somethings, lust, and the state of art. Jack, Bill, Star, and Corinna grow up without roadmaps, with dubious role models, and with too many pills and too much. They're actors in search of roles, and they're betrayed in these roles by real life. This is a novel about the doubtful possibility of collective love and the painful experiences which, having endured them, we wouldn’t be without.


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